Frogmats Frogmats

Frogmats are sold by the "foot" to fit any grill!
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Frogmats are great for use on the Green Mountain pellet grills, also featured here at Grone's!
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  • Delicate foods placed on Frogmats cook to perfection and don't stick!
  • Reusable, non-stick mesh promotes even cooking and easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe

*Do not use over direct flame. Good up to 550 degrees.

Every grill cook has experienced the frustration of grilling delicate or oddly sized foods on the barbeque grill. "The food immediately sticks to the grates and tears or crumbles when you try to turn it. The food falls through the openings in the grate and you have one big mess!"

Frogmats solve this problem. Food will not stick to Frogmats and is easy to turn without crumbing.

Frogmats are great for preparing fish and kabobs. Fish will lift off Frogmats with ease as does the vegetables in Ka Bobs. The open matrix of Frogmats will eliminate to a large degree any food from falling through the grates.

Frogmats will not pick up odors from fish, therefore each time it is used there will be no leftover taste.

Frogmats are designed to perform in indirect cooking methods. Do not expose Frogmats to direct flame.

Frogmats are FDA compliant for direct food contact.

Easy to clean with a warm water spray by the outdoor hose or in the kitchen with sink sprayer.

Your Frogmats will last for years!

Prepare picture-perfect fish dinners like the pros with Frogmats.

Buy Frogmats by the foot to fit any grill!
Always in stock at
Grone's Outdoor Power in Grand Island Nebraska
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