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Blaze King Wood StoveBlaze King Wood Stove

Sitting with your family, warm and snug beside a dancing fire, isn't that how you'd like to spend your winter evenings? Blaze King Industries has shared that vision since 1977. From the very beginning, they’ve focused on one simple idea: design super efficient, eco-friendly hearth products, and build them to last. Their growing selection of wood and gas burning freestanding stoves, and inserts are a tribute to good old-fashioned values like quality and safety.

When it comes to wood stove efficiency that means two things. One is that the stove generates minimal pollutants and conforms to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Blaze King wood stoves far exceed EPA requirements. For a wood stove to be truly efficient, it must also burn less fuel and heat for longer. Blaze King wood stoves provide extremely long burn times and phenomenal heat production. Overall, Blaze King stoves burn up to a third less wood than the competitors stoves and with no heat loss. That means you spend less time, money, and effort chopping, hauling, stacking, moving, and loading wood for your stove. It also means less ash.

Blaze King catalytic wood stoves lead the industry for efficiency and burn times. They back all their hearth products with the most comprehensive warranty in the business. Blaze King matches that warranty with friendly service and knowledgeable expertise, while making quality heating products that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and long lasting.

King 1107

Blaze King® Classic Wood Stoves have large fire boxes lined with thermo-reactive fire brick which radiates heat directly into the room. They have been tested and certified with an overall efficiency of 82.5% for the KE 1107. For extended burn times, large logs can be used, and up to 80# of wood can be loaded, eliminating the hassle associated with the frequent reloading of smaller stoves.

Special Features

A large viewing glass door allows the fire to be seen from different angles in the room, creating an atmosphere of an open fireplace. The warmth and beauty of the fire can be highlighted with the addition of the optional gold-plated door.

  • Catalytic combustor is standard on the King Series
  • Up to 90,000 BTUs
  • Incredible 82.5% efficiency
  • Optional gold-plated doors
  • 1400 degree ceramic glass
  • Optional variable speed dual fans
  • Temperature sensor turns fans off/on
  • Mobile home approved (all models)
  • Limited 5-year warranty PLUS 6 years on catalytic combustor

Blaze King Wood StoveKing Ultra models feature side shields and ash drawer, making them ideal for close clearance applications. The optional convection deck on the Princess is standard on the King model. The taller profile makes loading wood easier.
Blaze King Wood StoveKing Parlor Parlor models feature shapely black cast iron legs giving it an elegant profile. Optional gold or onyx legs are available, as well as an ash pan, making ash removal easier. Smooth lines cake the Parlor design blend into your home decor.

Blaze King Wood StoveThe King Classic model has been a favorite since 1977. Like the Ultra and Parlor models, you can chose from either a painted door or optional gold plated door. Dual fan jets are also an option, maximizing heat output.

Princess 1106

Blaze King Wood StovePrincess Ultra models feature side shields and an ash drawer, making the Ultra ideal for close clearance applications. The optional convection deck on the Princess is a standard feature on the King model. The taller profile makes loading wood easier. Gold door and accents are available.

Blaze King Wood StovePrincess Parlor
Blaze King Wood StovePrincess Classic

Chinook  CK30

One in stock  Priced to sell  Reg.  $3699.00 with black door.  Sale priced  $2699.00 applies to in stock model only.

Princess Insert

One in stock with black door and shroud.  $3295.00